The state of Arizona partners with various STO's (State Tuition Organizations) which provide funding for private schools. Individuals, families, and AZ corporations can donate to these STO's and receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction on their tax liability for the year.

Those families attending Holy Family Academy (or enrolling for next year) can apply to one or more STO's. While not a guarantee, most of our families can enjoy partial or even full tuition assistance!

How to Help:

It’s easy – and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

INDIVIDUALS / FAMILIES:  If you have a tax liability – for instance, $800 – you can make a $800 donation to an STO, specifying that it should go to Holy Family Academy instead of paying it in tax.
Even if you’re owed a refund, you can make a donation up to the maximum amount, and receive your donation amount back in addition to your original refund!

BUSINESSES:  If you are an Arizona S-Corp, C-Corp, even an LLC, you can donate your tax liability to an STO and specify that it should be applied to Holy Family Academy.  This lowers or erases your tax liability dollar for dollar.

Wouldn’t you rather help kids’ education instead of paying tax – especially if it costs you nothing?

How to Receive Financial Aid:

Each STO has its own requirements – please follow their instructions

But in general, here are the basic guidelines

  1. Apply for financial aid – it must be done every year, not just once.
  2. File your taxes as early as possible, since most of the applications require a a copy of the federal tax return (form 1040)
  3. If you anticipate filing an extension or filing your tax returns late, submit your prior year tax return and your current year W-2’s.
  4. Important: Do not delay your application – most scholarships are first-come, first-served!
School Tuition Organization Website Applications Available Application Deadline Application Fee Corporate Disabled/ Displaced Individual Plus Accepts Student Recommendations Other Information
Arizona Education Scholarship Foundation 2/15/2019 Check website free No Yes Yes Yes Yes Monthly award distribution.
Arizona School Choice Trust 1/15/2019 Check website $30 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Family must meet income qualifications. First come, first served. Uses TADS to process applications.
Arizona Tax Credit Still OPEN 2018/2019 School Year Check website free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Bi-monthly award distribution
Arizona Tuition Connection Still OPEN 2018/2019 School Year Check website free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Provides an individualized “Launch page” for your family free of charge. No tax return required at time of application.
Institute for Better Education Check Website in Jan-2019 Check website free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Monthly recommended student award distribution. General fund awards in June of each year.
Tops for Kids Still OPEN 2018/2019 School Year (see website) Check website free No No Yes Yes Yes Tri-annual disbursements