Holy Family Academy was pleased to host Tim Kuhn, the Director of Arizona Tuition Connection, to discuss the scholarship opportunities and donation matching capabilities that will afford the academy to balance tuition with the highest quality education.

While there are many need-based scholarships available to parents, there are also scholarships available more broadly – any student enrolled in a private school in Arizona can receive funding from at least one of the scholarships offered by AZ Tuition Connection. Any student can get a portion or even all of their tuition covered.

Donations made towards this organization are a total AZ tax write-off, dollar for dollar – in essence, no cost to our families and freely-available funds for our school.

Please encourage your extended family, friends and coworkers to donate to ATC – naming Holy Family Academy as the school and recommending one of your students, if desired. Anyone can donate up to the amount of their Arizona State Income Tax Liability – at no cost to them.