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The 5-12 grade girls of Holy Family Academy had the rare opportunity to visit the founding of a Benedictine monastery, less than a day’s drive from Phoenix.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery, which was founded in the early 1990’s for men who sought a traditional Catholic Benedictine monastery, has long sought to extend a similar life to women who heard the calling to this life of contemplation, work, and prayer. This follows centuries of tradition – St. Benedict’s sister, St. Scholastica, was the foundress of the Benedictine sisters in the 6th century.

Since that time, the brothers and sisters have often lived in proximity, with the priests providing sacraments, and each sharing resources, yet remaining separate enough to maintain a spirit of quiet and solitude. It was in this spirit that the Monastery of St. Joseph was conceived and built earlier this year, and it finally has postulants – sisters who have taken the first step towards this religious life – to live in its walls.

The girls were inspired by these brave women, who have ignored the pressures put on them and turned towards God with strength and certitude. Along with the other visitors for this special occasion, we wish the new sisters: ad multos annos gloriosque annos vivant!

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