After months of workshops, practices, and rehearsals, the Upper Academy of HFA presented to family and friends its performance of Samuel Carmichael’s “Any Number Can Die”.

Matching the script’s combination of drama and comedy, the students gave to family and friends an extraordinary evening of entertainment.  Nearly the entire student body was involved, from the actors, to set designers, to lighting, sound and props, and all under the watchful eye of Mr. Arellano and crew of former students.

Some of the young performers were nearly unrecognizable, thanks to the combination of acting workshops which preceded the play’s rehearsals, as well as makeup and costume design.  This allowed the audience to enjoy fully the hours of work that the students poured into this performance.

If this was only its first year, the students have much to live up to in the future!  And Holy Family Academy looks forward to many more years of excellence in performing arts – as part of its overall mission of providing a whole education to her students.

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