While some schools have an alumni club of thousands, Holy Family Academy – to this point – has a “club” of one individual. Joseph Howard was HFA’s first graduate, and is currently pursuing a career in aviation, and attending classes full time at the collegiate level.

He recently sent a note to one of his teachers from last year, explaining how the lessons learned at Holy Family Academy are serving him after he has left our classrooms.

To hear that former students are using the lessons and tools provided is the greatest reward a teacher or a school can expect. And while the alumni(us) are few in number, we know that our successes so far are many, based on this feedback from Joe.

We are so proud of Joe and his ongoing academic career, and asked if we could share his unsolicited testimonial of the benefits he received while at Holy Family Academy:

Hi Mr. Latham!

I hope both you and your family are doing well!

Recently I had to write an essay about certain “rights” and if the lower class does or does not have a right to the upper class’ money. Throughout that essay I applied many simple Catholic principles: what you can and can’t do, what you do and don’t have a “right” to, and what you should and should not do. I was able to use terms such as “justice” and “rights” based on what I learned, with their true meaning and essence, not just as words. I wrote about the difference between charity and justice in regards to the “upper 1%,” whether or not healthcare is a right, and so on.

Anyway, we discussed all our essays in class and you can imagine everyone had very interesting ideas. I found myself using a lot of the terms, ideas, and truths we learned in our Social Principles class and it really helped both in my essay and in my class discussions, and maybe most importantly in being able to reason rationally on my own–and for that I am extremely grateful.

That is one example.  There have been so many other different discussions and situations where I am sooo thankful I somewhat paid attention in your classes!

I’m telling you this to help you better understand why I am saying thank you. So… thank you for all the time you spent in teaching me about the crucial tools a Catholic needs in order to work his way throughout the world and towards the ultimate goal.

– Joe