Prior to enrolling at HFA, our children were homeschooled. When our children reached 6th and 8th grades, there were subjects, such as math and science, that became challenging to teach, resulting in frustration for our children. Now that they have professional educators, they are understanding and grasping the concepts. This has now allowed them to excel and succeed in their studies.

The teachers are hard-working, devoted, creative, and deeply care about the well-being of the students. As homeschooling parents, it was imperative to us that we were raising thinking, discerning children. HFA is accomplishing this, as they are equipping the students with the ability to have critical thinking skills. We wanted to remain a primary influence in our children’s lives. HFA’s morals and values align with ours, therefore, our children face no contradictions to their home life instruction.

At HFA the Catholic faith is upheld and this provides for a God-centered environment. All of the social activities are positive, rather than a negative hindrance often found in youth settings. The students are a good influence upon one another, showing kindness and goodness. HFA is teaching the students to have strong character rooted in the traditional Catholic faith along with honorable behavior.

Similar to our homeschool environment, the students are also safe physically, spiritually, and emotionally. They are free to be themselves. As a parent at HFA, one is free to voice any concerns or suggestions.

As homeschoolers, we valued our family time together. Sending them to school felt like there would be a loss. What actually occurred was that we gained a whole extended school family. If you also feel that you are at a crossroads with your children’s education, we encourage you to contact HFA to see how your family can become blessed by HFA.

Suzanne Lopez, mother of Anthony (grade 9) and Theresa (grade 7)