Last week I was walking the quiet halls of Holy Family Academy checking on the building.  As I walked into the Kindergarten /First Grade room there was something that caught my eye.  Mrs. Conroy has a large sign on the wall with one word on it: Perseverance. Seeing that sign during this difficult time gave me pause. 

It reminded me of Robert Fulghum’s book Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  Maybe the youngest students at HFA have already learned a great lesson.  The school year has taken a turn in a direction that we weren’t anticipating, but as Catholics, we are taught to persevere.  

What is perseverance?  For some, it means outlasting all of the obstacles.  For some, it means never changing course. For others, it is taking everything that is thrown at them and never giving in.  God tells us that the things of the world will change; power shifts will happen, diseases, droughts, and famines, too. However, all of these are not to distract us from persevering.  St. Agustine tells us, “Pray as though everything depended on God, work as though everything depended on you.”

HFA is not closed for the year.  The building is. You can see hard-working teachers and staff saving the day by teaching in ways they’ve never had to before.  Yes, they are brokenhearted, but these broken hearts will lead to unconditional resolve to do what they do best. Teach. The HFA students will persevere by watching their videos and lessons, completing the work, adhering to their schedules, and keeping their brains ready.  The HFA parents will persevere by supporting their children, the teachers, and fellow HFA parents through this new adventure. 

The future of HFA is bright and I invite you to look past the shadow that we are in and focus on the future of our children.  Together, through prayer and God’s grace, we will persevere.

Principal Laura Graves, Holy Family Academy