On August 17 we get to go back to school! 

Our new Holy Family Academy campus is almost ready for students and faculty to come back to in-person classes.  Staff from DNG Construction have been working tirelessly in the blistering July heat to install a new playground and parking lots.   New landscaping and lighting are in place.  And, most importantly, a cross has been mounted on our school tower and a Holy Family statue has been erected to welcome everyone to our campus. 

Teams are working inside the Academy building to renovate classroom and staff space in anticipation of the arrival of faculty on August 3 and students on August 17. The cafeteria is ready for action.  We are working with Fr. Alonso Saenz on design of the Chapel which will be the heart of the school.

Preparations for provision of a safe environment in light of the Covid-19 situation have been made.   We will continue to monitor directives from the Governor’s Office and make adjustments accordingly.  Please be assured that we are prepared to be agile and flexible.  We appreciate your patience and support during this challenging time of constant change.

We have been experiencing a great deal on interest in Holy Family Academy from prospective parents.  We only have a few openings left, so please encourage family and friends to contact us soon to enroll their children.

We are thankful for this lovely new campus.  We look forward to hosting a formal dedication and open house once large groups are able to assemble again.

We appreciate your many prayers and words of encouragement.  We have been truly blessed and will continue to strive to honor the Holy Family in all we do.