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Holy Family Academy is a striking example of how God works through the labor of his people, because it was through the faith and commitment of many families that Holy Family Academy became a reality.


In February 2018, a small group of Catholic dads met to pray about and discuss their responsibilities as fathers in educating their children, and to evaluate the schooling options available to them. They looked at schools within reasonable proximity, finding only a small handful of schools providing good academic training and an even smaller number providing good spiritual formation and nourishment – but none that were doing both in tandem. Faced with this dilemma and wanting the best education for their children (both academic and spiritual), they ultimately decided to form Holy Family Academy.

HFA Becomes Official

Within a few days, these dads nominated a governing board and drew up organizing documents, filing them with state authorities. Soon thereafter, they filed for 501(c)3 status with the Internal Revenue Service to allow individuals and businesses the opportunity to provide tax-deductible donations to our new academy. Next came hiring a Principal to lead our new school and subsequently the hiring of several teachers. We searched for and ultimately found a beautiful and fitting facility to house our school.

Doors Opened

On August 13, 2018, Holy Family Academy officially opened with fifty-four students in grades K-12. Our faculty and staff included a Principal, six full-time teachers, three part-time teachers and a host of volunteers; mostly parents, grandparents and older siblings of Holy Family Academy students.

With God, All Things are Possible...

Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are today without a generous amount of Divine assistance. Two critical breakthroughs occurred following two novenas prayed by our families to St. Thomas Aquinas and the Holy Family – when we found our Principal and our new facility, respectively. There have been many other examples where things that weren’t supposed to happen, happened.


Holy Family Academy is a thriving school with dedicated parents, teachers and students.  It is fulfilling its vision of offering a classical liberal arts education based on timeless Christ-centered principles.   HFA is currently in the process of being recognized as a private, independent Catholic school operating in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.

The Future

We are excited about our future and look forward to continuing to grow Holy Family Academy’s enrollment.  We will also be moving to a new location next year.   We have been truly blessed by God and his Divine Providence.

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