HFA Celebrates All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day

All Saints’ Day:

The Holy Family Academy students enjoyed an All Saints Day party today where they dressed as their favorite saints.  The students learned about so many saints and enjoyed the games and activities.  The saints are signs of hope, love and deep devotion to God.

Many thanks to the Upper Academy students for coordinating the games and to the Senior Class for their organization of the event.


Feast of All Souls

Wednesday, November 2 is the Feast of All Souls.  During the month of November, we encourage you to submit the names of your loved ones to be mentioned during the “commemoratio pro defunctoris” (the commemoration of faithful departed) at Mass during November.  The students will be offering their prayers and sacrifices as well for the Holy Souls! 

We urge you to submit the names of your loved ones and we will pray for them.