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Athletics Programs at HFA


Athletics Director Jon Graves

In many Christian schools, it is hard to find a good balance practiced between athletics and academics.  Many could be considered at the "minimalist" end of the spectrum - placing no importance in sport, and hosting no programs for the students.

Others are "maximalists" - where almost the entire identity of the school is wrapped up in the performance and ultimate success of these extra-curricular activities, with near-unlimited funds available for the programs to the detriment of education.

Holy Family Academy strives to strike a balance between the two, recognizing that in our efforts to form a complete student, "a whole man," athletics plays an important role.  It is subservient to - yet still a part of -the full picture of a healthy student, where physical health and competition must support the spiritual and academic health that we strive to nourish in each boy and girl in our academy.


In their 2018-2019 CAA Championship season, the Padres had a wildly successful season, considering the team was only able to field 11 players, out of a total of 52 students in the school. The team was comprised not just of varsity aged players, but boys from 7th and 8th grades as well; starting two of the 7th graders!

As if this was not already a challenge for the new team, practices were held either indoors for hitting, or on a softball field to run fielding drills – and the pitchers had only an artificial mound on which to practice.

The Padres are geared up for spring under the leadership of Coach Dominic DeMark - and will be the team to beat in the CAA!



Thanks to the initiative of the students in 2018, a team was put together last year from the student body of HFA, and after just two seasons are the 2019-2020 CAA state champions!

The Padres are led by Dominique DeMark, along with Claire Obernuefemann and Jon Graves.

The girls are excited for another successful season in the 2020-2021 school year!


The Holy Family Academy boys continued their ongoing partnership with the 91st Psalm soccer team during the 2019 soccer season in order to fill its team, lead by coach (and HFA Board Vice-Chair) Dr. Shannon Obernuefemann.

In the 2019-2020 school year, the 91st Psalm / HFA team enjoyed very competitive results, advancing to the finals of the CAA state championships.

A special thank you is due to 91st Psalm for their generosity in allowing HFA to compete alongside them in order to field an excellent team again this year.