Two Important Documents at the Core of HFA

HFA’s Academic Philosophy


Our academics are based on Timeless Truth and Classical Knowledge

Our Academic Philosophy

St. Thomas Aquinas defines wisdom as “ordering things rightly”.  The Classical education at Holy Family Academy is the growth of wisdom and virtue through liberal arts and traditional Catholic faith.  The goal is to equip students with a well-trained mind so that they can be self-learners for the rest of their lives. Though HFA offers all core subjects, what sets HFA apart as a Classical School is this commitment to training in the Trivium and the Quadrivium.

About Our Curriculum

Holy Family Academy is an independent Traditional Catholic Academy.  Our students’ faith development is central to our curriculum.  Our Classically-based, Traditional Catholic education develops analytical thinkers who are life-long learners deeply rooted in their Catholic faith, and who are prepared to meet the personal challenges that occur throughout the course of a lifetime.

There are six core subject areas at Holy Family Academy: English, history, world language, math, religion, and science. The upper academy curriculum follows an historical timeline, studying the various subjects within the context of one given historical time period. The flow of this study brings the student through the course of western history: the classical world, early Christianity, medieval Europe, and the modern world.

Students at Holy Family Academy are enrolled in courses based on grade level, placement testing, and completion of prerequisites. Some courses may have prerequisites, such as an acceptable grade in the preceding course, which must be fulfilled for the student to progress in the course sequence.

Our curriculum emphasizes a search for The Truth, which is desirable for its own sake. In order to have authentic knowledge, we cannot bend the Truth; rather, we must conform ourselves to the Truth. The main goal of our Upper Academy is to foster a wonder and love for all that is genuinely True, Good, and Beautiful.