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Holy Family Academy is a Traditional Catholic, private classical liberal arts academy, providing students in grades K-12 with a truly outstanding education in the classical liberal arts in an environment that is conducive to the formation of the whole person. The school strives ultimately to form good Catholic citizens – men and women willing and able to work for the restoration of all things in Christ, freely submitting to Our Lord in the spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical realms.


  • A little slice of heaven on earth; that’s what our family has found at Holy Family Academy. There’s no better peace of mind than knowing that your children are safe and loved when you drop them off at school every day. The moment that you arrive on campus, you can feel the joy radiating from the staff, parents and student body. From the kindergarteners to the high school seniors, the children all have smiles on their faces; they’re engaged, friendly, kind, and truly enjoy being together regardless of age or grade level. As a community with shared Catholic values and an emphasis on faith and family, making new friends and getting involved is effortless. The school is welcoming and provides a strong balance of religious and academic education, all in a nurturing, loving environment. I’m still amazed when I pick up my kids from school and hear them having discussions about saints and apostles instead of video games and pop culture. They’ve grown so much spiritually and academically in just a short time. It’s a blessing to find a school with caring teachers and a transparent curriculum with God as its cornerstone.

    Savannah George
    Mother, Kindergartener
  • Our daughter came to HFA two years ago during her 6th grade year. In the past two years we have watched her grow and mature socially, academically, and most importantly, spiritually.
    But it is not just her who has benefited from joining HFA, our whole family has! Being a part of this community has help us all to grow deeper in our faith and form meaningful friendships with other Catholic families.
    There is nothing more comforting as a parent than knowing when we drop our child off at school that she is in a safe environment, socially, physically, and spiritually, and she is truly cared for by her teachers and peers.
    Finding this little school was truly a gift from God!

    Ben & Carli Auer
    Parents, 8th Grader
  • My wife and I were looking for a good school that would give our children room to grow in the faith and to be surrounded by good Traditional Catholic families. We hoped that we would be able to find a school that was also welcoming and our children would be able to make friends. We believe one of the most important things for our children is to have good catholic friends so they can grow up together and help each other get to heaven.

    HFA has surpassed all the expectations we had prayed for. Our kids get to go to chapel every morning and pray the rosary together. They attend the Latin mass every Friday and also are given the opportunity to go to confession. They are learning every day and growing in the faith.

    The teachers, the community, have been such a blessing and we are so thankful.

    Thomas Selway
    Father, 1st, 3rd, 5th Graders


Our goal is not just to educate, but to prepare our students for a life of citizenship and dedication to their God-given vocation.


Sound philosophy and Christ-centered principles, based on traditional Catholic ideals are at the core of every subject that the students experience.


A rigorous educational standard is at the forefront of our mission and guides our daily schedule.
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