Thea Slingland

Director: Educational Services


Mrs. Slingland is an educator dedicated to enhancing the lives of children through specialized knowledge and experience in childhood development, dyslexia, and disabilities that impact learning.

With a solid foundation in academia, Mrs. Slingland earned a Bachelor of Science in Childhood Development, laying the groundwork for a passion for understanding and nurturing young minds. Building upon this, she pursued her teaching credentials and a Master’s in Education with a thesis focusing on dyslexia, aiming to unravel the complexities of this learning difference and improve educational strategies for affected students.

Mrs. Slingland’s continued commitment to inclusive education led her to achieve an Education Specialist credential with an emphasis in mild to moderate disabilities, equipping her with the skills to support diverse learners effectively. Additionally, her specialization as an Autism Specialist underscores a dedication to empowering individuals on the autism spectrum and their families through targeted educational interventions.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Slingland has championed evidence-based practices that foster holistic development and educational success. She is enthusiastic about collaborating with the educators, parents, and students at Holy Family Academy to create supportive environments where every child can thrive.