Catholic Schools Week Celebrations at HFA

Holy Family students and faculty celebrated Catholic Schools Week with a variety of activities. 

Grades 9-12 as well as grades 7-8 volunteered at St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix as part of HFA’s commitment to community service. 

Jordan Brittain, the Pacific Northwest Coordinator of the Students for Life America, spoke to the Upper and Middle Academy students about how to defend their pro-life position. 

In addition, a Pro-Life Baby Shower was held to collect items for donation to the Aid to Women’s Center!

Students in Kindergarten wrote thank you letters to their parents for sending them to Holy Family Academy.

The Second Grade class wrote Thank You’s for Attending Catholic School!

Frs. Saenz and Gilbert spoke to the K-5 students about Vocations. 

After Friday Mass, they also provided the Blessing of the Throat as part of the celebration of the Feast of Saint Blaise.

Holy Family students thanked Fr. Saenz and Fr. Gilbert for their steadfast guidance with a variety of spiritual bouquets.

For fun, the students enjoyed the annual HFA Bingo game. The Mother’s Guild provides a wide variety of prizes for the students to win.  It is easy to see why Catholic Schools Week Bingo is always a hit!

Deo Gratias for Holy Family Academy and all the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Schools!