Our Lady Honored with May Crowning Ceremonies

On May 5th, students of Holy Family Academy joined Fr. Saenz in a ceremony for the May Crowning of Our Blessed Mother. 

Students were able to bring in flowers, and before Mass, each student gave Our Blessed Mother a flower as a token of their love for her as her children.

History of Celebrating Our Lady in May:

From the Raccolta , a book of prayers first published in the mid-19th century:

It is a well-known devotion, to consecrate to most holy Mary the month of May, as the most beautiful and florescent month of the whole year. This devotion has long prevailed throughout Christendom; and it is common here in Rome, not only in private families, but as a public devotion in very many churches. Pope Pius VII, in order to animate all Christian people to the practice of a devotion so tender and agreeable to the most blessed Virgin, and calculated to be of such great spiritual benefit to themselves, granted, by a Rescript of the Segretaria of the Memorials, March 21, 1815 (kept in the Segretaria of his Eminence the Cardinal-Vicar), to all the faithful of the Catholic world, who either in public or in private should honour the Blessed Virgin with some special homage or devout prayers, or other virtuous practices.

In 1945, Pope Pius XII officially codified May as a month specifically devoted to Mary after establishing the feast of the Queenship of Mary on May 31st. 

The month of May is one rich in tradition and a beautiful time of the year to honor our heavenly mother.


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